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Wall Mount Phones

Modern day telephones are no longer ordinary pieces used plainly for two way communication. They have evolved in many aspects and helped revolutionize the way distance communication is done.


In unison with the advancement of other communication devices present these days, telephones are now used for more than their intended purpose and makers continue to amaze users with how well they embed technology on these devices.


From the simple principle of making and receiving calls, telephones are now embedded with multi-functionality features that combine the simplicity of calls and complexity of storing and identifying numbers.

Sophisticated wall mount phones, desktop phones, and cordless phones are designed to enhance a user's experience when using the telephone. 

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 wall phones

 wall mounted phones

Desktop phones are the ones very popular to us; we enjoy and use it a lot since these are what we won’t miss in homes and establishments. Wall mount phones on the other hand, are another design that provides benefits where desktop phones are limited. These devices may very well perform with their built-in functionalities, but one may feel the importance of the other from the design and physical structure alone. 


Accidentally dropping a telephone from its position can cause it to malfunction or totally retire. This is one of the main reasons why many of us shifted to other communication tools in order to maintain a reliable medium.


Desktop phones or those that are placed on flat surfaces are very prone to this issue. However, that problem is addressed with the unique design of wall mounted phones. Like other types of communication devices, wall phones are capable of receiving and making calls to other communication devices with the support of an active line.


Wall mounted phones are visibly used in many food chains and other businesses that rely mostly with their local communication. However, the use of wall mount telephones is not limited to this. They work similar to how other types of telephones work, so they can be used for any purpose.


In a food chain, the kitchen is the main recipient of the device where communication between the kitchen crew and the restaurant's front liners is crucial. Without a good communication medium between sections of a restaurant, working together effectively can be a real challenge and oftentimes is impossible to achieve.



  wall phones wall mount phone wall mounted phone  wall mounted phone


Apart from combining multiple functionalities in a single device, contemporary wall mount phones are also being used as fashion statement materials for their looks; buyers are no longer solely attracted by how a telephone works but also by how the looks of the unit appeal. Combining looks with functionalities makes the telephone an old device dressed in new clothing.


There are numerous designs available for the wall mounted phone, including the corded Crosley phone discussed on the next page. In all the different types of phones, the difference in the design can be seen from its keypad, color, size, and features.


Some are even themed differently just to enhance the appearance. Camouflage prints are among the most popular theme used in many wall mount telephones. Despite giving the image of the armed forces, camouflage phones are fit for used in any home or office. Customized themes are also available in many stores since most dealers are accepting inputs from their clients.


Tired of dealing with the wires? Cordless wall mounted phones are in no way behind the development of technology. They are also added with sophisticated features that enhance their functionalities and design. Caller ID, call waiting, phone book, wireless features, and auto DSL recognition are among the few features that can be found on wall mount phones.


  wall mount phones wall mount phones  wall mounted phoneswall mount phone